Tuesday, November 27, 2012

? Possible Retaliation against & transfer of inmates who filed grievances against Nevada Department of Corrections & Lovelock Prison ?....

      One early morning in January 2010, six inmates at the Lovelock Correctional Center in northern Nevada were woken up and immediately escorted by officers to a "dayroom" while their property was boxed up (some property items subsequently disappearing) and then put on the "train" (prison bus) to the State's high-security facility at the High Desert State Prison near Indian Springs, Nevada.  The reason for their transfer:  they filed too many grievances about prison conditions and the violation of their rights and beliefs.  They were deemed to have "abused the grievance procedure" and to be a "threat to safety and security of the institution" after being sentenced to "hole" time for filing grievances complaining about the numerous individual violations of their rights.  Does something about this whole affair and the actions of Nevada Corrections' officials stink?  You bet it does.  In reality, it is likely the Lovelock Prison and Nevada Department of Corrections was scared of the claims brought by the inmates in the grievances, knowing a lawsuit was coming and that the issues raised had merit, and NDOC tried intimidating & stopping them from proceeding further.  Best way to try to stop the lawsuit, ship some of the inmates filing the issues (namely the ones who knew how to use the grievance procedure and the law).  The six inmates who were transferred subsequently became known at the High Desert State Prison as "The Lovelock Six."   We are waiting for the individual with the documents detailing all of this to scan the documents as pdf files which will then be uploaded to the internet and linked/copied (with permission) to the Nevada Prisoner Abuse Scribd page.  There is a record of the Nevada Dept of Corrections labeling "wiccan" inmates as a security threat (gang) group even though it is a peaceful nature-based religion.  Some of the inmates grieved the issues to the highest level where the NDOC central office administration upheld & condoned the retaliation for the exercise of their First Amendment Rights, labeling the inmates' actions "abuse of the grievance procedure."   However, NDOC's grievance policy stated that only 1 issue may be raised per grievance and that inmates could only file their own grievances.  Simply put, the inmates followed the NDOC's grievance procedure regulations (and federal laws requiring them to exhaust remedies before proceeding to Court) and were punished for complaining.

See another report here: > http://www.prisoncensorship.info/news/all//1342/ <

More to come soon.....


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