Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nevada Department of Corrections could be risking inmate safety by refusing "compatibility bed moves."

       On occasion we have heard about inmates being told by prison staff to stab, or fight or f**k their cellmates to deal with their problems, but before now have never seen any sort of documentation.  We recently received a copy of the following "kite" from an ex-inmate who has kept records of these types of problems and many other troubling problems within the Nevada Department of Corrections.  Apparently the prison staff instigates inmates into conflicts, and does nothing to protect them from violence resulting from compatibility issues amongst cellmates.  Judge for yourself:
(click above image to enlarge)
(or click >HERE for super-size view with magnifier)

       We are awaiting several boxes of copied documents from the ex-inmate who has made and kept a record of  numerous constitutional violations in the Nevada Department of Corrections while he was an inmate there.  

       For some more information and caselaw about this type of situation see the following links where courts have ruled  this practice as unconstitutional:


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